Kai Finds A Home: Abandoned Dog Left With Suitcase Finds A New Home In Scotland

Kai finds a home

Kai finds a home, the whole world cheers!

A dog named Kai has found a new home after being abandoned at a train station last month.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kai, a male shar-pei, was left at a train station, tied to a railing with a suitcase filled with his belongings (like his food) after a meeting for someone to buy him went awry. A woman reportedly met a man at a railway station in Scotland, but by the time she decided that she didn’t want the dog, the man had vanished. Not knowing what to do, the woman went on her way, and left the pooch behind.

“I went to Ayr to buy the dog. The guy rushed out with a food chest and lead on the dog. But I could see there was something up because [the dog] was very skinny. I said I wanted to take the dog for a walk, so he asked me for £150 as a deposit in case I didn’t come back. Then I saw him tearing off in his car. I phoned and said ‘You better come back for your dog.’ He never turned up,” the woman explained at the time.

Now, Kai has found a home — hopefully his forever home. According to the Scotsman, hundreds of adoption offers came through for Kai, whom many people felt a connection to after hearing his sad story. The media is thrilled to report that the pup was adopted by 52-year-old Ian Russell, and is living happily in Newton Mearns with his new owner.

“It feels like fate that I’ve been able to re-home Kai and I’m not usually a believer in things like that. I’m over the moon and very shocked that I was chosen out of everyone who wanted him. My Dalmatian named Mica passed away just before Christmas and I was left heartbroken. I had her for 15 years and she was the apple of my eye. When I heard about Kai I knew the little guy needed a break but I never thought in a million years I’d get him. I called the Scottish SPCA just to check he was OK and see if there was anything I could do to help. Fast-forward a few weeks and here I am taking him home. I honestly think it was meant to be,” said Mr. Russell (pictured above with Kai).

News that Kai found a home is flooding the internet today. According to the Sunderland Echo, Mr. Russell plans to take Kai all over Scotland with him. He travels a lot, and spends quite a bit of time outdoors, which is something that Kai will absolutely love. He says he plans on hanging out with Kai “all the time.”

[Photo courtesy of Hemedia via The Scotsman]