Richard Green’s Hole-In-One Could Be The Luckiest Ever

Richard Green scored one of the luckiest hole-in-ones in golf history at the Victoria Open pro-am on Wednesday.

The 43-year-old Australian professional scored the hole in one on a par four. And you won’t quite believe the path that it took to end up in the hole. You can watch a clip of the incident below.

If Richard Green meant that shot, then he should probably just quit the game of golf immediately. Because, let’s face it, his career isn’t going to get better than that. However, he has since admitted that it was a complete fluke.

So how did Green get this hole-in-one? While playing at the 15th hole of the Thirteenth Beach Golf Links in Barwon Heads, Australia, Green used a driver to try and get as close to the green as possible. However, once he saw that it was heading into the bunker, he then immediately dropped his head and started to think how he could get out of the trap.

Unbeknownst to him, though, the ball had miraculously skipped out of the sand, onto the green and then streamlined for the hole, where it eventually nestled nicely. Green was then informed of the hole-in-one by surrounding cameramen, and he couldn’t help but immediately produce a wry smile.

As ABC reported, Green spoke to the on-course reporter immediately after the incident, and he explained that he didn’t expect for the hole-in-one to occur.

“I thought I would hit a driver and see what happens, I just pushed it a little bit, it was a good shot, but I knew it was going in the bunker so I was completely oblivious to the fact that it had made its way to the hole somehow.”

Green has previously won three times while playing on the European Tour, and even once finished in the top five at The Open Championship.

But this was the first albatross, which is a score that is three-under-par on a single hole, of Green’s career, and he admitted that this was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

“I haven’t had anything like that happen before, I have had hole in ones during tournaments but they have been shots that have landed by the hole and found their way in.”

“They were fantastic moments but an albatross, I have never come close. They are something that may never happen to someone in their career as a professional.”

The Victoria Open will officially begin on Thursday. But it will take something truly special to eclipse Richard Green’s effort in the warm-up.

[Image via Perform Group]