WWE News: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns To Be A Heel Going Into ‘WrestleMania 31’ Main Event

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has been the center of controversy lately. It is not so much Reigns that people hate, but the idea that he should be involved in a match that fans feel others deserve. Fans are hating Reigns because he is a symbol of terrible writing and/or decisions made by the WWE when fans want something different. While Reigns may not personally deserve hatred, he stands for what is wrong and thus, fans boo him. This may continue, and WWE might even support it.

Cageside Seats is reporting that there is interest in turning Roman Reigns heel going into WrestleMania 31. Since fans already dislike him, it allows for WWE to take advantage of the heat he has and force it to go their way. It is said that this most likely could start at or right after WWE Fast Lane. This would force Brock Lesnar to turn face, and since he is leaving WWE after WrestleMania 31 most likely, it would make sense to send him out as a face and then build Reigns as a top heel once Lesnar departs.

Reigns is not ready to be a top star in the WWE. People like him, but without the slow development he needs, fans will hate on him. That is what WWE runs into today. In the case of John Cena, he had possibly the best build of anyone in recent memory. WWE used him as a heel for some time and he gradually moved up and ended up winning the United States Championship first.


He then went on to face JBL for the WWE Championship around two years into his singles run at WrestleMania 21.

WWE then had him face top names after, but he was still slowly being built. Fans didn’t start to boo Cena as often until around three years into his run with WWE. This was massively noticed at WrestleMania 22 when he faced Triple H. Triple H was the heel and Cena the face, yet people cheered for Triple H at the event. The next night on WWE RAW, the same case happened. Since then, Cena has had the “let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” chant.

He has also drawn hatred in heel towns for years.

The one thing he had was that he could talk and had charisma the likes WWE had not seen since The Rock. Even The Rock had issues as his first character of Rocky Maivia didn’t land at all. It wasn’t until he joined the Nation of Domination that he was notable and it took a while for him to shine there. He was able to stand out after a while but he had the mic skills to do so, as well as the in-ring ability needed. He was also a heel, which WWE allowed him to be as a way to stand out.

Roman currently isn’t wonderful on the mic or in the ring. Both Rock and Cena had one thing that are massively needed today, mic skills. That is why fans could get behind them at all. Even if Reigns never shows up in the ring as needed, if he can talk he’ll become a star.

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The current Reigns we see does not fit what is needed. That is why fans are not interested. That is why they boo.

When he was with The Shield, his problems were never truly noticed. When he broke away from the pack, it was because of his look and presence. Two things that would help him as a singles worker were present, but two other things were needed. WWE focuses far more on look, which is why they have failed with so many people.

The reason people cheered for CM Punk and still do for Daniel Bryan is because both men might be smaller but they have everything needed to be top names.

So you can see why Reigns has issues fitting into what fans want today.

Allowing him to be a heel will help, as fans will boo him…but they’re already doing that. That is the point of course, and if WWE pulls the trigger for Reigns he could slowly develop into the top heel in the WWE. This would then allow for WWE to put him against top babyfaces like Daniel Bryan and John Cena more often and build him the right way over time. We will have to see how WWE runs with this, but if they go this route fans might have a bit more interest in Roman Reigns.

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