Lady Gaga Tells Sam Smith He Must ‘Suffer’

Sam Smith is a big Gaga fan. The British pop sensation even admitted to forging a sick note just so he could attend her concert when he was younger.

And even though he ended up in detention for three days, Smith admitted his love for Gaga by telling Rolling Stone, “I got in a lot of trouble… I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

So while Smith credits Gaga for inspiring him and his whole career, Gaga has some words for Smith.

In an e-mail sent to the Rolling Stone, Gaga says, “Watching Sam become a star, and then later finding out the influence and inspiration my work has had on him has been one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had as a growing artist.”

Gaga goes on to say, “Just as Sam hopes, I can only hope the deepest parts of my vision will touch anyone. But to touch someone as profoundly talented as he is, and be part of the building of his confidence, his dreaming, his will to survive the industry — I couldn’t be more proud and honored. I was Sam. I still am Sam in a lot of ways.”

Gaga goes on to talk about “how powerful his gift” is, and even offers Smith advice.

The Pop Art diva advises Smith to “continue to suffer for your art” and “that is where your creativity lives.” Gaga says that his performances reveal his full ability to be “soulful, painful, helpless” and share that with the audience, and to not lose that ability.

Gaga goes on to tell Smith that he needs “to stay as relaxed and grounded as possible” because “Fame doesn’t change the artists as much as it changes those around them.”

Gaga ends with “someday when one of your fans becomes a star, support them.” Gaga is clearly following her own advice.

Sam loved Gaga so much that, according to Music Times, he has said, “Without Gaga, I wouldn’t be here right now.” And Smith has come very far.

Sam Smith is nominated for six Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist, at this weekend’s Grammy Awards on Sunday.

[Photo Courtesy of Page Six]