Brandi Glanville Says Bravo Airs What They Want Fans To See: Viewers React, Wants Her Children Removed

Mary Jane

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has admitted that she drinks on the show, even though one of her best friends is a recovering alcoholic. Kim Richards and Brandi have bonded over the past year, which has resulted in a rift between Kyle Richards and her sister. Even though Glanville has admitted to enjoying her wine, she is now firing back in regards to what is actually shown on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Brandi Glanville reveals that it is no secret that she drinks while filming, but she does add that Bravo does show her drinking more so than the other ladies. During poker night, several of the ladies had drinks, but it was Brandi's behavior and the fight in the lobby with Kyle that put the emphasis on Brandi being an out-of-control drunk.

According to a new tweet,The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is now defending herself via Twitter, saying that Bravo shows what they want fans to see. Glanville is hinting that what is shown isn't necessarily the truth.

"I'm getting off Twitter for tonight! You only see what they show that's it! Bye Felicia," Brandi Glanville revealed on Twitter, revealing prior to that, "I do what I have 2 do to pay the bills. I'm sober this episode and I've never claimed to be a sober coach."

It sounds like Brandi's night was spent defending her actions on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Since Glanville has proudly said that she does indeed drink on the show, many of her Twitter followers and fans of the show are now thinking that it isn't a good idea for Brandi to have custody of her two sons, Mason and Jake.

"Girl, Ur giving Eddie ALL the ammunition he needs to take your crazy drunk ass back to court for custody. WOW! TRAIN WRECK!" one follower wrote, while another added, "Starts off ' I was sober this episode ' hahaha need I say more! Take the kids away from her Eddie!!"

But Brandi Glanville may be acting out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because the show is known for being dramatic. Glanville didn't act this way on Celebrity Apprentice. In addition, Glanville was recently accused of getting into a Twitter feud with LeAnn Rimes even though that didn't really happen, according to the Inquisitr.

It is no wonder that Glanville doesn't let her children watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What do you think about Brandi Glanville's drunken behavior? Is it all for show, or does she have a problem?

[Image via Bravo]