George Clooney Divorce? Wife Amal Reportedly ‘Hates’ Red Carpets And Golden Globes Awards

Despite the big smiles for the cameras, there have been a number of rumors in the media recently regarding a possible George Clooney divorce from his new wife, human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin.

While the divorce rumors have ranged from George allegedly returning to his playboy ways to simple incompatibility between the newly-wedded couple, one thing is sure; Amal doesn’t feel comfortable on red carpets or at glitzy award shows. George seems to enjoy these public appearances, and they are an important part of his duties as a Hollywood icon.

During the couples recent walk down the red carpet at the Golden Globes Awards, Amal looked distinctly miserable, and according to a report in Look magazine, a friend of hers claimed she didn’t just look miserable, but actually was miserable.

Then there was the red carpet interview recently with Ryan Seacrest, where again, Amal looked tense and a little jumpy.

As a source told the publication, Amal’s uptightness isn’t a great match for George Clooney’s laid back manner.

“George is laidback and he feels at home on the red carpet. But for Amal, I think it must be a bit of a shock. Sure, she’s done it a few times now, but I know she stills gets nervous. The problem is that when you’re worried, it’s hard to smile and look happy all the time.”

The apparent incompatibility, when it comes to public engagements and facing the ever-eager paparazzi, is allegedly taking its toll on the George Clooney/Amal Alamuddin marriage.

“This is meant to be a really exciting time for her and George – of course they’re adjusting to married life and finding their feet a bit, but it feels like everybody is waiting for them to slip up – and, apparently, split up, too!”

Other reports suggest that the age gap between George and Amal, which is significant, is leading him to be insecure about his grey hair and wrinkled skin.

As an insider alleged to OK! magazine, “He’s told friends that he is considering getting Botox and some face fillers. He’s even contemplating coloring his signature salt-and-pepper hair to make it a little less gray. Secretly, he’s not all confidence he is willing to do whatever it takes to turn back the clock… at least for a while.”

While it’s hard to distinguish between all the George Clooney divorce rumors, let alone determine if any of them are even true. However, there’s usually “no smoke without fire,” so don’t be surprised to see more divorce speculation surrounding the couple in the news headlines this year.