Amber Rose Is Only Famous Because She ‘Twerks On Instagram’?

Amber Rose Dissed By Seyi Shay

I don’t think many people could tell you exactly what Amber Rose does, but there’s no one quite willing to admit it, except pop star Seyi Shay.

Shay “threw some major shade” on Amber Rose at a recent party, according to Y Naija. The jet-setting American model was in Nigeria hosting the D’banj 10 Anniversary Party. As stars appeared on the red carpet, Seyi Shay, Nigerian pop star, was stopped and asked how she felt about the host of the evening being there. Seyi Shay’s response has Amber Rose’s fans in an uproar.

The specific question Shay was first asked was, “Are you excited Amber Rose is here?”

Shay responded, “Not really,” according to 360 Nobs before going on to tear her down.

Shay then asked, “I don’t know what she does. What does she do? I know she…”

Shay couldn’t finish her own thought, and it appears the interviewer didn’t have a good answer, either. The interviewer tries to lessen the awkwardness of the situation by commenting that she is known because she “twerks on Instagram” and that she’s got “some pretty nice pictures.”

Shay then responds, “But she doesn’t do anything?”

Last time I checked, twerking on Instagram wasn’t a job description.

The interviewer clearly became uncomfortable trying to compare Kanye’s ex with his new wife, saying that “Kim K. doesn’t do anything as well.”

Well, Shay thinks she does more than Amber Rose.

Shay responded, “But at least Kim K. has a reality show…and she has a clothing line…and she’s a model, so yeah.”

Shay laughs as the interviewer calls it quits, clearly seeing that Shay is not going to have anything positive to say about the host.

So how do people feel about Shay’s comments?

Some agree, asking themselves why exactly is Amber Rose famous? Is it just because of her relationships with Kanye West, and then her marriage to Wiz Khalifa, and now a supposed relationship with Mariah Carey’s ex, Nick Cannon?

Rose’s “rosebuds” are up in arms, though, sharing their displeasure over Shay’s comments.

While I don’t think there’s anyone who can truly answer exactly what Amber Rose does, I think what is clear is that Seyi Shay is not a fan.

[Photo Courtesy of The Urban Daily]