New Nintendo 3DS Drawing Rave Reviews Early

While the original Nintendo 3DS had been losing steam in the gaming world thanks to mobile devices and the rise of the PS Vita, a brand new Nintendo 3DS has taken the gaming world by storm. Not yet available in North America, the new larger Nintendo 3DS has been available in other parts of the world for the last few months. This has allowed some gamers to get their hands on the device ahead of time, and reviews are starting to come in.

Finally coming to America on February 13, the biggest improvement the new Nintendo 3DS XL makes on the previous version is an even bigger housing and a massive upgrade to the actual 3D feature. According to Techcrunch, the three dimensional graphics are actually worthwhile this time. That, in and of itself, is a rather large change from the original Nintendo 3DS, which saw many a user turn the function off after a couple of minutes of playing around with it.

An addition of rear trigger buttons is also an addition that reviewers are saying adds a new dimension for game developers. There is also a new contraption called a C stick included in this particular iteration of the Nintendo 3DS. While some have compared the C stick to a rubber eraser in the middle of the gamepad, quite a few people who have gotten a look at the newest handheld agree that it is quite useful when playing games that specifically allow for it.

There are drawbacks, as there are always going to be, no matter how polished the new Nintendo 3DS XL actually is. One of the biggest ones is that the device doesn’t ship with a power cord. As of this writing, the parent company has given no explanation as to why they wouldn’t include something as basic as this. There is not another handheld or electronic device currently on the market that doesn’t come packaged with a power cord.

BGR also reports that users cannot put their old MicroSD into the new Nintendo 3DS XL. Instead, users are going to have to buy a brand new card. Despite some of the drawbacks of this new handheld, there is plenty of interest in people getting their hands on it. Some scalpers have even popped up that have enraged the average gamer as we get close to release date. One thing is for sure, when the new Nintendo 3DS XL hits the market, it’s going to sell.