‘The View’: Rosie Perez Says Whitney Houston Lifetime Movie ‘Killed’ Bobbi Kristina Brown

Rosie Perez's Return To The View Includes Cringe-Worthy Comment About Bobbi Kristina Brown

Rosie Perez returned to The View today, despite reports claiming that she was about to exit the show. Unfortunately, she made her return a little awkward by saying something cringe-worthy about Bobbi Kristina Brown.

According to Gossip Cop, Rosie Perez and her co-hosts decided to tackle the topic of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s hospitalization. Perez immediately regretted what she said about the girl — she stated that Lifetime’s “unauthorized bio of her mom [Whitney Houston] must have killed her.” Evidently, Rosie didn’t mean that the Lifetime biopic literally played a part in Bobbi Kristina’s near-death condition, because she quickly clarified her comment.

“That was a terrible phrasing. Let me take that back. It must have really hurt her deeply to watch that. We forget that these people are human beings … We put them into the tabloids, and we forget we’re human beings.”

The Whitney Houston Lifetime biopic probably had nothing to with Bobbi Kristina Brown ending up in a medically-induced coma after being found unconscious in her bathtub. However, Rosie Perez was right when she suggested that Bobbi Kristina wasn’t a fan of the TV movie directed by Angela Bassett. According to the New York Daily News, Bobbi Kristina was furious with Bassett for refusing to cast her as Whitney Houston. In an angry Twitter rant, Brown attacked Bassett by claiming that she has male genitalia.

“At least the world doesn’t mistake me for the wrong sex … she has some #XtraEquipment,” Bobbi Kristina wrote.

Even though Bobbi Kristina Brown really was angry and upset about the Whitney Houston biopic, it’s a good thing Rosie Perez didn’t run with her first comment about how the Lifetime movie “killed” the girl — if Perez tried to start a suicide conspiracy theory, ABC execs might question their decision to bring her back on The View.

According to Variety, ABC was allegedly planning to give Rosie the ax after just four months on the show. She was already taking a month off to prepare for her Broadway play Fish in the Dark, so ABC execs thought they could get away with claiming that Rosie Perez had decided to leave The View to focus on the play. According to some sources, the network didn’t think she was intelligent enough for the show.

However, as the Inquisitr previously reported, some people were not happy about the rumors that Rosie Perez was about to be fired. One group of Latina women even sent ABC a strongly-worded letter accusing the network of disparaging all Latinas by trying to get rid of Perez. Her co-host and friend, Rosie O’Donnell, also wasn’t happy about what the execs were trying to do. ABC allegedly decided against firing Perez after realizing that her departure from The View could blow up into a huge controversy.

An ABC spokesperson denied the claims that Rosie Perez’s job was ever in danger, and the behind-the-scenes drama wasn’t discussed on Tuesday’s episode of The View. However, according to Deadline, Whoopi Goldberg mentioned the rumors at the end of the show.

“I think something should be said about the four of us being back together. You will hear a lot of rumors — you’ve heard a lot of rumors. But we are here. This is The View, y’all.”

Do you think ABC might the right move by letting Rosie Perez keep her job as part of The View panel?

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