James Kennedy & Kristen Doute Return To SUR For ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Last Call

James Kennedy and Kristen Doute appeared on the Vanderpump Rules after show on Monday night, following the latest episode of the show.

According to the February 2 clip, shared on Bravo TV’s official website, James Kennedy and Kristen Doute discussed the reality star’s exit from SUR Lounge, and Doute revealed whether or not she misses her former place of work.

“Kristen and I’s situations were a bit different, you know, she’s been here for a lot longer than I have. At the time, I had just bought a new car. I have to pay my bills. I’m a responsible kid for a 22-year-old, or at least I’d like to think I am, and I wanted my job back, so I fought to get it. As for Kristen, I respect every decision she wants to make. If she doesn’t feel like it’s the right thing to do, or if she feels like her time is up here, then…”

Although James Kennedy put up a fight when boss Lisa Vanderpump was ready to give him the boot, Doute took a different approach, and took the news of her firing as if it were a gift.

“The way I felt about SUR the last month or two, maybe, before I actually got fired, it was kind of like a bad relationship. You want to go so badly, but you have so many ties to it. It’s like home, it’s my second home. For seven years I’ve worked here, and I’ve been a part of the SUR family. When I started here we had maybe 12 employees. Twelve employees [and] we didn’t even have a liquor license when I started, like, I helped create the cocktail menu. They really gave me a home when I first moved to L.A. I lived here only three weeks when I got the job at SUR.”

When asked if she missed working at SUR, Doute explained, “I don’t. I knew it was time to go.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Doute admitted to being embarrassed by her firing in a new interview with E! News.

“My time was up. The place was really getting to me, especially having to work with Tom and Arianna, it was just eating away at me every day,” she explained to the site.

“I definitely think I should have quit a long time ago so it didn’t get to the place that it did. I’m glad I don’t work there anymore but I’m not proud of the fact I got fired. It’s embarrassing.”

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[Photo via Twitter]