‘Chicago Fire’ Spoilers: ‘Chicago P.D.’ Crossover Episodes Focus On Hunt For Shay’s Killer

Tuesday night fans will be treated to the first part of another Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. crossover event. The hunt is on for the arsonist who killed Shay, and it’s all hands on deck for this one. What Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire spoilers are available for the episodes airing this week?

Executive producer Matt Olmstead chatted with TVLine and shared some scoop. Chicago Fire spoilers for the February 3 episode indicate that viewers will see plenty of drama revolving around Casey and Dawson Tuesday night. In terms of romance and relationships, Wednesday’s episode focuses on the heat revolving around Halstead and Lindsay, as things get particularly complicated.

Prison Break bad guy Robert Knepper takes on the role of the arsonist who killed Shay, and now he’s got his sights set on Dawson. Chicago Fire spoilers reveal that on Tuesday night, the focus will be on identifying the suspect, and then Wednesday’s Chicago P.D. focuses on the arrest of the wily suspect. He’s now coming after Dawson, and Casey will be impacted by seeing her in danger. However, fans shouldn’t expect the threat to push the two back toward a romance again right now.

The split between Dawson and Casey is going to stick, at least for now, and they will be moving toward dating other people. The fact that he is her boss and their co-workers are also mutual friends will make for a fairly complicated situation. There are new love interests on the way, but it may take a while before any new serious relationships blossom.

As for Chicago P.D., there will be a bit of a dance between Lindsay and Halstead, but they will quickly be reminded that they’re in a tough spot considering the work situation because she returns to Intelligence. They have to chill their romance, but can they manage it for the long-term? Most fans would imagine it won’t be easy, given the chemistry these two share.

TV Guide teases some additional Chicago Fire spoilers. As clues regarding Shay’s murder come out, Severide has to face a former foe. Shay’s sister hits town, leading everybody to take some time to reflect on Shay’s life. In addition, Boden works on helping his dying father while Otis’ grandmother faces a move.

Wednesday’s Chicago P.D. episode, of course, focuses on apprehending Shay’s killer, along with Lindsay’s return to Intelligence. Viewers will also see something bizarre transpiring with Platt. It’s clearly going to be a pair of hot episodes and fans cannot wait. Tune in for the beginning of the crossover with Chicago Fire on Tuesday and the conclusion with Chicago P.D. on Wednesday.

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