Kenya Moore Claims Exit From ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Was Planned: Will Take Lie Detector Test

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore has fought for the Detroit Public School system on Celebrity Apprentice, but her fight came to an end last night as she was fired from the show by Donald Trump. Of course, Moore did her best on the show, and while many fans are upset to see her go, Kenya is now revealing that she strongly believes that her exit from Celebrity Apprentice was planned.

Kenya Moore was getting plenty of support this morning on social media, and that’s where she dropped the bomb. Moore strongly believes that it was planned that she should go home. It is uncertain whether Moore is referring to the show being rigged, or if she is pointing to Vivica A. Fox over the planning.

According to a new tweet, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is now revealing that her exit had been planned without going into further details.

You didn’t deserve to go home,” one fan wrote to her, which had her replying, “I know but it was planned that way.”

It is possible that she is talking about how Fox accused her of stealing her phone. Apparently, she believed that Kenya Moore stole her phone and started tweeting as if she was Vivica. And maybe this fight was planned by Fox, so she had something she could use in the boardroom against Kenya. When Moore denied it, Vivica had a comeback for her.

“You know how I know you’re lying?” Vivica said, adding, “Because I don’t really tweet that much, I Instagram.”

When asked if she could prove that she didn’t steal Vivica’s phone, Kenya Moore gladly said that she would love to take a lie detector test. One follower pointed out that it was sick that Fox felt she could accuse Kenya of stealing her phone without having any evidence. Sadly, this could have been “the plan” that Moore is referring to.

Of course, this fight between these two ladies had been previewed by the Inquisitr. It is interesting to see that Kenya Moore would take a lie detector test to clear her name, saying that she did not steal the phone. Clearly, appearance means a lot to Kenya, who doesn’t want to go out as a liar.

As for Fox, she is still on Celebrity Apprentice, so it sounds like her plan may have worked.

What do you think about Kenya Moore saying her firing was planned? Do you think she is right?

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