Taylor Swift Too 'Wrapped Up And Entangled' In 1989 World Tour Planning To Perform At Grammys

Following the news that she won't be performing at the Grammys this coming Sunday, Taylor Swift has updated her Tumblr to address the issue with fans directly.

In the exciting but sad update for Swift fans, the pop princess says she's really excited to be nominated for three Grammys, and even more excited that she'll be there "having a dance party/rage fest in the audience." Imagine how excited she'll be if she wins? That would be one sick feat. More than one award and she might explode with excitement.

Sad news comes in the shape of confirmation that Taylor won't be performing on the night. While she can present an award for best new artist and get variously excited about being nominated, having dance party / rage fest, and who knows, maybe even winning an award or three, Swift cannot sing a song. She's too busy planning her new world tour.

"Since my whole life is wrapped up and entangled in the planning of The 1989 World Tour right now, I'm not going to be performing on the Grammys this year. I need this time to focus only on the tour."
It remains unconfirmed whether or not Taylor will be taking a laptop and some assistants to the Grammys so they can check flight prices between awards.

AC/DC, Madonna, Usher, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande are all set to sing songs at The Grammys, but the audience won't get a chance to hear any melodies from Swift. Her epic 1989 world tour is set to break records as the biggest grossing tour by a female artist. It all begins in Tokyo in May, before heading to North America, Europe and Australia. That needs a lot of planning, which is understandably wrapping up and entangling Swift's whole life.

But not so much she can't perform at the BRIT Awards in London later on this month. Perhaps everything to do with the World Tour will be planned by then. In just a couple of weeks Taylor will be less tangled and wrapped up, allowing her to kick back and sing a song at some pop music awards in England, safe in the knowledge that all the hotels are booked. Or maybe she just didn't want to perform at the Grammys.

There is consolation for her US-based fans though. Taylor hopes to see them out there at one of the stadiums this summer, having a rage fest of their own, and she loves them.

[Image - Huffington Post]