WWE News: The Very Latest On Brock Lesnar’s WWE Contract Status — Will He Return To The UFC?

Other than Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar is probably the hottest pro-wrestler in WWE today. Over the past year, WWE has really figured out how to correctly utilize Lesnar, and make him into an unstoppable monster. The only problem with this is that Lesnar’s WWE run could be coming to an end very soon, as his WWE contract is set to expire the night after WrestleMania.

WWE COO Triple H was a guest on tonight’s live edition of the Steve Austin Show on the WWE Network, and Austin asked Triple H about Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract status. Triple H confirmed that Lesnar’s current deal will be coming to an end after WrestleMania, and that WWE has been in “constant talks” with Lesnar over the past couple of months.

Triple H gave no indication on whether or not Lesnar is interested in returning to the UFC, and even refused to mention the UFC on Austin’s podcast. He said that if Lesnar feels he has “unfinished business [in the UFC]” then he’ll leave. But if not, he’ll stay.

Since Lesnar’s return to WWE, he’s never signed a multi-year extension with the company. Every year after WrestleMania he’s signed a one-year extension. Back in 2013, after being back with WWE for just one year, Lesnar was very close to leaving WWE and returning to the UFC. Now, the word is that Lesnar is leaning towards a UFC return again, and at Lesnar’s age [37], it’s really now or never in regards to a return to mixed-martial-arts.

Several months ago there were reports that Vince McMahon was unhappy with Lesnar’s current deal, and believed that he had overpaid Lesnar. There hasn’t been any word on whether or not McMahon still feels the same way, but it’s likely that Lesnar won’t be willing to take a pay cut, so that could end up being a factor in WWE’s attempt to re-sign “The Beast.”


If Lesnar decides to become a free-agent, he’ll likely receive offers from the UFC and Bellator MMA that may end up paying him more per-fight than he’s making per-WWE appearance right now. Also, while Lesnar was in the UFC he was the biggest pay-per-view draw that they’ve ever had, and only one other pro fighter was a bigger star on pay-per-view, that being boxing’s Floyd Mayweather.

There are people who think that Lesnar has no interest in returning to the UFC, and he is just using a potential return to the octagon as leverage in his WWE contract negotiations. But, one thing is for sure, and that is that Lesnar is a businessman, and will sign with whoever offers him the most money for the fewest amount of appearances.

[Image via WWE]