WWE News: Will CM Punk Ever Return To WWE? Triple H Doesn’t Rule It Out

WWE COO Triple H appeared on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast following tonight’s RAW, and towards the end of the show, Austin asked Triple H about CM Punk, who didn’t have a lot of nice things to say about “The Game” following his WWE exit. When answering Austin’s question, Triple H did his best to stay professional, and said that he’s never had a problem with Punk, and doesn’t know why Punk believes that he does.

Triple H believes that CM Punk’s paranoia is due to a lack of communication skills. He says that Punk would never talk to anyone about anything, which would make him extremely difficult to deal with.

“When he first dropped ‘the pipebomb,’ we did this storyline and [Kevin] Nash was brought in. It was done for the right reasons — I think it was done to get him more over. The decisions that were made were Vince’s, and they didn’t work out. Nash couldn’t hang. But Punk held a grudge on that. He’s a weird cat. He doesn’t talk. He doesn’t communicate well.”

Austin then asked Triple H if CM Punk could ever come back to WWE. Triple H didn’t rule it out, and said that everyone who’s had a problem with WWE in the past has come back, naming The Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino as three guys who many people believed would never return to WWE, yet they all were able to make amends with the company. He then followed that up by saying what Vince McMahon has always said, which is if the fans want it bad enough, he’ll put his personal feelings aside and do whatever he can to make it happen.


“If the fans want it, if that’s what’s best for business — it’s my regret that we couldn’t get past all this stuff with him. But if he didn’t want to be here anymore — if this wasn’t his passion anymore — you can’t be here if you don’t love it.”

CM Punk is still yet to fight in the UFC, and is expected to make his UFC debut at some point late this year — possibly in the fall. If Punk doesn’t look good in his first fight, he may give it another shot, or consider a WWE return if it’s the right deal for him. Several months ago — during Punk’s appearance on Sirius XM’s Opie with Jim Norton— Punk made it very clear that if he goes back to WWE, he doesn’t want to be on a full-time contract.

[Image via WWE]