Bill Belichick: Social Media Reacts To New England Patriots Head Coach Lip-Locking Daughter After Super Bowl XLIX Win

On February 1, 2015, the New England Patriots made history by defeating the Seattle Seahawks at Super Bowl XLIX. With their victory, they earned their fourth Vince Lombardi Trophy. Tom Brady, at the age of 39, became one of the most decorated NFL football players in the league today, which includes being one of two active players with four Super Bowl rings (the other is kicker Adam Vinatieri). Summarized, this win was truly monumental for the Patriots.

Another person who should be recognized is New England Patriots Head Coach, Bill Belichick. It is under his leadership that the Patriots were able to win four Super Bowl victories within fourteen years. However, his accomplishment may be shadowed by other news that some are calling rather bizarre.

A picture taken after the Patriots won the Super Bowl shows Bill Belichick kissing a woman dead on the lips. However, this woman is not his girlfriend Linda Holliday. It isn’t even Sharon Shenocca, the former New York Giants receptionist rumored to have been in a relationship with Bill. For some, the former or latter would be far better than the woman he actually kissed on the lips, who happens to be his daughter, Amanda Belichick.

Bill Belichick Kissing Daughter
New England Patriots Head Coach, Bill Belichick, was photographed kissing his daughter right on the lips right after winning the Super Bowl.

According to the Daily News, a photographer snapped the above picture of Bill Belichick passionately smooching his daughter, Amanda Belichick, on the lips right after the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. To be fair, some parents do kiss their children right on the lips, especially if said children are toddlers or younger. The question is if there is an age parents should not kiss their children on the lips. Elaine Swann, New York City etiquette expert, provides an answer to such a question.

“Adult parents should probably not be kissing their adult children on the lips, in public. We are judged by the way be behave so we have to be mindful of how we’re perceived by others when we’re in a public place, no matter what you’re celebrating.”

Elaine Swann did do some research on Bill Belichick’s ethnic background, finding out his lineage may have influenced such behavior. Apparently, Bill’s grandparents are from Croatia, a culture where people are very hands-on. Over there, men kiss men and women kiss women as a form of mutual affection. Such behavior is considered taboo here in the United States since same-sex kissing or kissing of family members skirts perceived views of homosexuality and incest respectively. However, Swann wants to enforce the fact this country is a melting pot of a ton of different cultures and that some cultures may simply be misunderstood.

Still, the internet has exploded in response, especially on Twitter, to Bill Belichick kissing his daughter on the lips. Washington Post reported numerous tweets that show said public’s reaction. Some of the more colorful (yet still not vulgar) tweets are attached below.


Now that you’ve read the article on Bill Belichick kissing his daughter right on the lips, what do you think? Would you delegate their kiss to disgust or to foreign culture?

[Featured Image via Mark Humphrey, Post Image via Matt Slocum]