Raspberry Pi 2: Credit-Card Sized Computer Runs Microsoft 10, Costs Just $35

The Raspberry Pi 2 is a computer about the size of a credit card that’s powerful enough to run Microsoft Windows 10 and capable of handling big projects — and it costs just $35.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation revolutionized mini computers three years ago with the release of the original Raspberry Pi, and now the sequel packs an even bigger punch. The British company claims that the newest version has as “sixfold increase in processing power and a doubling of memory capacity.”

The Raspberry Pi was incredibly popular with do-it-yourselfers, becoming what the Christian Science Monitor called a “Swiss army knife for DIY tech.”

The report noted:

Raspberry Pi has become a well-known name in tech communities since the release of its first $35 computer. Its original micro computer, created to combat a lack of interest in computing sciences in schools, was wildly popular with enthusiasts, who would typically buy multiple copies.

The Raspberry Pi was a dream for do-it-yourself hackers and makers, who could use it to build personal computers from scratch, extend wireless access points, set up personal Web servers, and learn coding. The Raspberry Pi was a Swiss army knife for DIY tech.

The idea of the original Raspberry Pi was also to get kids interested in coding, which founder Eben Upton said has been a big success.


“It’s been successful beyond our wildest dreams,” he said at the London launch of the Raspberry Pi 2. “Over time it’s become clear that there is interest among children in learning computing.”

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has also been working closely with Microsoft, which is delivering a version of Microsoft 10 that supports Raspberry Pi 2.

“For the last six months,” the Raspberry Pi Foundation writes on its blog, “we’ve been working closely with Microsoft to bring the forthcoming Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi 2. Microsoft will have much more to share over the coming months. The Raspberry Pi 2-compatible version of Windows 10 will be available free of charge to makers.”

Those interested in buying the Raspberry Pi 2 can find it at Element 14 and RS Components.