'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Shocking Eliminations Reveal Final 3 For 2015 Season

On Monday night, fans got one wild episode of The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 season. Not one, not two, but four celebrities were fired in one episode and now viewers know just who the final three for this season are. Though there had been solid Celebrity Apprentice spoilers available for most of the season, things veered a bit off-course with this wild episode.

As GossipCop shares, the teams first were challenged to do a "photobombing campaign" for King's Hawaiian. Johnny Damon led his team, which included Ian Ziering, Brandi Glanville and Leeza Gibbons. Kenya Moore took on the project manager role for her team, which included Vivica A. Fox and Geraldo Rivera.

Vivica and Kenya had battled last week in the boardroom, but they both agreed to start fresh in this week's task. That didn't last for long, however. Vivica was essentially put into the position of being Kenya's assistant, a role she did not care for one bit. Fox also was worried that their concept was pushing the boundaries too far, and then her cellphone disappeared.

As for Johnny's team, Leeza worried a bit about their approach and Damon worried about the presentation. Ultimately, things went fairly well. They remained confident in the boardroom, while Kenya and Vivica sniped a bit at one another. The executives had some issues with both team's concepts, but Johnny's team was eventually declared the winning group.

As Vivica and Kenya battled, things got personal and ugly. Trump asked Moore why she's nasty to everybody, and everybody focused their attention on a tweet Vivica supposedly sent out. Fox, however, said her phone had gone missing about that time and blamed Moore for the tweet. Kenya denied it, but Trump fired her.

Joan Rivers was back for the second task, where the teams had to do a jingle for Anheuser-Busch Bud Light Rita drinks. Leeza was moved to join Vivica and Geraldo, leaving Johnny, Brandi and Ian on their own. Some Celebrity Apprentice fans commented that these teams hardly seemed fair, and that would certainly end up being the case in the boardroom.

It was Leeza against Brandi as project managers and Vivica and Leeza actually worked together fairly well. Geraldo, however, felt a bit sidelined though he eventually decided to follow Gibbons' path. The presentation went well. As for Brandi's team, they had a hard time coming up with lyrics and a plan everybody liked. Things got ugly and they weren't in agreement when it was time for the presentation.

In the boardroom, Brandi and Johnny had trouble singing the jingle they created when asked by Trump, and because Ian wasn't on-board with them he was criticized for being disloyal. Leeza felt confident her team won and she was right.

Once the focus was solely on Glanville, Damon and Ziering, Brandi and Ian continued to snipe at one another. Ian said he had another jingle, but Trump didn't like that it was initially sang to the tune of "La Cucaracha." While Ziering defended himself and said the tune was just an initial framework, Trump continued his criticism and fired him.

Before Brandi and Johnny could get too comfortable, Trump told them to stay put. He said he planned to fire someone else, and Brandi scrambled to take responsibility and save Johnny. As TVLine noted, Glanville actually surprised many with her approach this season, but it seems this week her luck ran out. Trump said that Damon was responsible for the losing jingle and fired him. Then he swiftly fired Brandi as well for being the losing project manager.

Though Celebrity Apprentice viewers expected there to at least be a final four remaining at the end of the episode, the 2015 season is now down to the final three. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the February 9 episode is a highlight show and the finale featuring the final task will air on February 16.

Early Celebrity Apprentice spoilers had named Ian, Brandi, Vivica and Leeza as the final four, but clearly now it's Geraldo making it to the final steps rather than Ian. It had been believed that Leeza and Vivica were the final two, but could Geraldo have one more shock up his sleeves for spoiler fans?

Donald Trump will name a winner after the final task in the February 16 finale and fans can't wait to see how it all plays out. Will the Celebrity Apprentice 2015 season winner be Geraldo Rivera, Leeza Gibbons or Vivica A. Fox?

[Image via Daily Mail]