New ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie Scenes Being Released All Week By ‘Today’ Show [Video]

As Valentine’s Day approaches, more trailers from the much-awaited Fifty Shades of Grey movie are being released. According to MTV, the new Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer will leave viewers tongue-tied. However, it’s not a salacious clip, necessarily — not as wild as other Fifty Shades of Grey clips have been. In the newest video clip released, Christian visits Ana at the hardware store and she doesn’t seem to expect him to show up. Either way, Christian has a list of things he wants from Ana, like rope, tape and other cinching items that cause Ana to say that Christian now has the serial killer kit.

“Rope, tape, cable ties…you’re the complete serial killer.”

Unlike the Fifty Shades of Grey – Official Super Bowl Spot (HD) that was posted to YouTube on Super Bowl Sunday, February 1, the newest movie trailer doesn’t talk about fun rooms that Christian hides behind lock and key — the infamous red room that Ana first assumes contains Christian’s gaming consoles and more innocent fare. Each peek at new Fifty Shades of Grey scenes brings viewers closer to the February 13 release date.

The stars of Fifty Shades of Grey — Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson — have told E! Online which particular scenes were the most difficult to film. Although Fifty Shades of Grey fans are getting closer looks at the movie, the filmmakers haven’t released a clip of the “Red Room of Pain,” as it’s known in the book. Anastasia Steele’s shyness and awkwardness is played perfectly by Johnson, who pulls off a good mix of innocence and nerdiness in the scenes of the film shown thus far. But it’s the saucier scenes within the movie that are spawning a surge of Fifty Shades of Grey types of toys, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Fifty Shades of Grey video clips will apparently begin spilling out via the Today show this week, along with a new and never-before-seen photo, that has been teased in a blurry fashion on the Fifty Shades of Grey Facebook page. The Today show page posted the real version of the photo that wasn’t blurred and it shows Anastasia and Christian with no shirt on as they sit in bed and he strokes her face. It wasn’t the sex scenes that were the worst for the duo to shoot — scenes that have led Dakota to say she doesn’t want her famous family to see the movie — but according to Time, Dornan claims the interview scene at the beginning was the hardest to film.


[Image via Fifty Shades of Grey movie]