Prince Charles Allegedly ‘Still Feels Guilty’ For Princess Diana’s Tragic Death

According to a new biography, Prince Charles “still feels guilty” about Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997, due to the fact that he brought her into a royal world “she couldn’t handle.”

The allegations have been made by Time magazine journalist Catherine Mayer, in her new book, entitled, Charles: The Heart of A King, with at least some of the claims already having been refuted by the palace.

Nevertheless, The Mirror reports that, a source told The Daily Mail in Britain, that Prince Charles did indeed feel terribly guilt when Diana tragically passed away,

“When Diana died, his instinctive reaction was to feel a terrible guilt because of everything that had led to that dreadful moment. But he no longer feels guilt for her death because he has come to accept that had nothing to do with where she was or who she was with at the time. Where he does still feel guilty, of course, is that it was him who brought Diana into the royal world and a life she couldn’t handle.”

The book, which has already caused not a small amount of controversy, also claims that the marriage between Charles and Diana was over long before it was “over,” as Charles reportedly grew weaker as the once-timid Diana grew stronger.

The biography, which is serialized in The Times newspaper, claims, “The Prince felt under pressure from all directions: Diana, his parents, the press,” and that’s not to mention his alleged issues with becoming King.”

The author of the book, discusses how different the Prince’s style would be from his mother’s, Queen Elizabeth, and she is apparently concerned about this.

As the book notes, “In defining his role as heir apparent, the prince has signalled a redefinition of the monarchy. Some courtiers – and the sovereign herself – fear that neither the Crown nor its subjects will tolerate the shock of the new.”

The fact remains that the palace claims that Mayer was given no special access to the royals to compile her book but she claims she met with Prince Charles himself, as well as other influential figures who gave her “inside information.”