Novak Djokovic Faces Down Most Formidable Opponent Yet [Video]

In case you’re not a football fan, you might have been tuned into another sporting event today: the 2015 Australian Open. Serbian player Novak Djokovic reigned victorious for the fifth consecutive time when he beat out Andy Murray in the game’s final match. The Guardian‘s Jacob Steinberg called Novak’s win “remarkable” in his live tweeting of the game.

“Andy Murray played a great tournament but he just couldn’t drag himself out of that slump from the middle of the third set onwards. Djokovic showed no mercy. He rarely does. Still, it’s encouraging to see Murray playing these matches again. He can be proud of what he’s achieved over the past fortnight. But not as proud as the remarkable Novak Djokovic! Five Australian Opens. He’ll be back for more next year.”

Of course, such a performances makes fans wonder just how superhuman Novak’s abilities are. Timtimfed comically matched up Djokovic’s performance with what it would look if the tennis player went up against a tank.


[Image via Tennis World USA]