Watch As People Experience Tesla P85D’s ‘Insane Mode’ For The First Time [Video]

For those unfamiliar with the Tesla P85D, the “Insane Mode” can come as quite the shocker. Therefore, Drag Times set out to capture first time “insane mode” riders on video. The result is nothing short of hilarious.

In the video you watch as various people take a ride in the Tesla P85D for the first time. The video above is the “clean version” of the stunt with the numerous curse words bleeped out. Be prepared for a lot of beeping, because things get a little crazy for those in the passengers seat. The funniest reaction comes from two children in the backseat as the vehicle accelerates quickly. A cell phone flies out of the young girls hands as her brother looks on, laughing.

Road and Track notes that the Tesla P85D is the “silent screamer” of the electric car world. With 691 horsepower, the P85D packs quite the punch for an electric car. However, Tesla didn’t stop with the horsepower. The P85D also comes with “Insane Mode.” What exactly is insane mode?


“The D comes with ‘Insane Mode,’ unleashing the car’s full acceleration potential with a no-holds-barred launch mode calibrated for maximum thrust. Musk said he benchmarked the McLaren F1 as The D’s acceleration target. With a claimed 3.2 second 0-60 run from a comfy sedan that weighs nearly 2.5 tons, we’d say he nailed it.”

You can also view the explicit version of the video here [NSFW].

What do you think of the passengers’ reactions? Have you experienced the Tesla “Insane Mode?” Do you think you would have a similar reaction?