April 6, 2017
Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Will Be Worse Than 'Beyoncé’s Satanic Halftime Sex Show,' Says Christian Radio Host

The Super Bowl halftime show has been a source of derision for conservative Americans for quite some time now, really taking off when Justin Timberlake infamously flashed Janet Jackson's breast at their Super Bowl halftime performance in 2004. Katy Perry -- who first became famous for her controversial song "I Kissed A Girl" and continued to rise to fame with sexually explicit videos for songs like "California Girls" -- is now set to continue that tradition this Sunday in her own Super Bowl halftime show, according to some Christian radio show hosts in Minnesota.

While much of the attention on Katy's Super Bowl halftime show has focused on her feud with Taylor Swift and the fact that she took a stand against paying to perform at the event like past guests, Perry has also incurred the wrath of Paul Ridgeway, host of conservative radio show On the Way with Ridgeway.

"Katy Perry going to be in the half-time show and I want to fill you in a little bit... because like Miley Cyrus, Perry grew up in a Christian home and made references to God in her early career. But now admits she has left the faith. In fact she said she sold her soul to the devil. She said, 'I think when the universe gives you these things,' she's talking about being on the Super Bowl half-time show, 'it's just asking you if you are ready to the next level and I'm getting ready."

To discuss Katy's Super Bowl halftime show, Ridgeway brought on Jan Markell, author of a recent Christian newsletter that warned viewers about the explicit content of Jan Markell. Jan not only believes that the Super Bowl halftime show is a sign of changing times, but that there are also darker forces at work with Perry.

"Sadly, Perry's music and videos are being used to seduce young fans. She now seeks spirituality in the writings of people such as neo-gnostic medium, Echart Tolle, who channels demonic forces and teaches we can realize our own inner divinity through occult knowledge... My concern, Paul, and I know yours is too, is the decline of the culture is so shocking that, I mean, a lot of people can't handle it anymore. They are just turning off media because they don't want to take bad news into their minds anymore and I'm getting to that point myself."
Not letting past performers off the hook, Ridegway also went for the Beyoncé Super Bowl halftime show from last year.
"I'll tell you it got more raunchy and its getting more raunchy on you website you talked about Beyoncé's satanic half-time sex show but now this Perry says she has some tricks up her sleeve for the coming show this weekend."
You can decide if there's anything demonic about Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show for yourself when it starts at 8 p.m., available to be streamed live from NBC Sports.

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