Nokia Lumia Denim Update Late To Icon Plus: New Lumia Phones Debuting At Mobile World Congress 2015?

The Nokia Lumia Denim updates started rolling out last month immediately after Microsoft announced the update’s release, according to TechRadar. The news specifically mentioned the Icon, which is exclusive to Verizon. To date, Lumia Icon owners are still waiting for the Denim update, and Microsoft cannot say yet when it will be available, other than, “soon.”

In a December 2014 press release, Microsoft said that all Lumia phones on the Verizon network would receive the Denim update, and it specifically included the Icon. The rollout was supposed to begin in January, but the fine print noted that the update would go tough “partner testing and approvals first.”

Corporate Vice President of the Microsoft Operating Systems Group Joe Belfiore made a promise that the Denim update would “arrive in early 2015,” the TechRadar report shows. However, in response to Icon owners’ concerns as to what exactly Belfiore meant, he responded on January 30 via Twitter.

UberGizmo reported that Microsoft could not yet offer a firm date as to when the Icon phones, which are only available to Verizon Wireless customers, would receive Denim.

The first Lumia phones to receive Denim included the 822 and 928 models, and GSMArena reported two days ago that Lumia 930 owners in the U.K. began receiving the update at that time. According to Microsoft, some newer Lumia models will come prepackaged with Denim. More specifically, this includes the Lumia 730 Dual Sim, 735, and 830 models.

Specifically offered to Lumia phones, the Denim update offers goodies and features that aren’t found on other Nokia or Windows phones.

The Denim update includes the Windows 8.1 Update 1, which is a typical security release for the OS, as well as a number of improvements to text messaging, Internet Explorer, and other inbuilt applications. The update will also bring improvements to Motion Capture, better image processing, and quality video recording at 24 frames per second.

Lumia users updating to Denim will also get Live Folders for organizing tiles, Apps Corner to customize start screen apps, and a Glance Screen that displays notifications on the lock screen. It also includes a VPN to help secure the Wi-Fi, as well as other new features.


Cortana, the voice recognition application that some might call, “Microsoft’s answer to Siri,” is another addition to Lumia via the Denim update.

GSMArena also notes that those using the Developer Preview version may have to abandon it temporarily to enable the ability to update to Denim.

All Lumia Icon phone owners should see the update by the end of February or early March at the latest. Check to see if Denim is available for your Lumia phone by accessing the settings menu, entering the phone update section and then choosing the option, “Check For Updates.”

In other Lumia news, Microsoft is rumored to be debuting two new models at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain from March 2 – 5. Microsoft will be in Halls 2 and 3, according to Exhibition information. WinBeta reports that both of the upcoming phones, one of which could possibly be a variant of the 830, will sport the Windows 10 operating system.

Image via LumiaConversations