Alex Rodriguez, Torrie Wilson: Couple Splits After 3 Years Over Ex Wife, Failure To Commit

Alex Rodriguez and Torrie Wilson have split. Page Six is reporting that the couple ended their relationship after three years over commitment issues and issues with Rodriguez’ ex wife. A source told Page Six that Torrie had grown tired of A-Rod flirting with other women, and that it seemed that the baseball hunk was not ready for a serious commitment. Specifically, the source states,

“Alex and Torrie would fight over his flirtations with other women, and he wasn’t ready to settle down again.”

Another source stated that it annoys Torrie that Alex is still heavily involved with his ex Cynthia Rodriguez, with whom he shares two daughters. Last year, Torrie was spotted out with her man, Alex, while he spent time with his lovely daughters. And strangely, his ex wife was also with them. Paparazzi photos showed Alex, Torrie, his children and his ex wife, walking together. Everyone looked awkward. And no one seemed to be having a good time, except the children. The close relationship that he maintains with his ex is more than Torrie can take. Here is how the source continued.

“Cynthia continues to play a large role in Alex’s personal life and business affairs, even though she recently got engaged to someone else.”

Rumors that the couples relationship was on a slippery slope began circulating in December of 2014, when it was rumored that the baseball great had broken up with Torrie. The celebrity couple, who began dating in 2011, would often be seen around town hugging, kissing, and holding hands. They always seemed happy, noted many fans. Today’s news comes as a shock since many considered the beautiful blond model to be a good influence on Alex.

Some speculate that, in addition to his lack of commitment, the baseball player’s problems related to his use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs have also contributed to the demise of their relationship. Once respected as one of the best baseball players ever, the New York Yankees Major League Baseball player’s fall from grace has impacted the way he feels about himself and how he treats Torrie.

Cynthia and Alex Rodriguez divorced in 2008. According to The New York Daily News, ex-wife Cynthia believed that Alex was emotionally negligent and a habitual cheater—accusing him of having slept with several women during their marriage, including baseball groupies and even Madonna. Madonna denied the accusation by stating that the two were just good friends.

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