unBRAKEable Kicks Off Home Invasion Tour

Country duo unBRAKEable kicks off their Home Invasion Tour to promote their new country-rock music album, Helluva Love Story.

The duo consists of Brian Nutter and Blake Gray, newlyweds with a shared passion for music and each other. From StageIt shows to playful YouTube videos, the pair have focused on a grassroots approach to building a fan base.

Spearheaded by a tour of house concerts in 2015 that began on January 5 in Harvest, Alabama, and will end on April 30 in Springfield, Lousiana, the country duo will complete four months of almost daily shows. As a testament to their hard work, unBRAKEable maintains an active social media presence to build some “crowdsourcing” through Facebook and Twitter, sharing snippets from their travels, shows, and personal lives to highlight the inspiration behind their songwriting.

For fans of Keith Urban, Brian Nutter is a familiar face and name after eight years as Urban’s lead guitarist. A native of West Virginia, Nutter studied music education at West Virginia University before moving to Nashville. He’s shared his impressive guitar skills with millions of people around the world.

Blake Gray was already a country music songwriting force and career performer before moving to Nashville in 2007 and meeting her husband in 2012. Signed with a publishing deal to Blue Guitar Music Publishing, Blake has a distinctive songwriting sound. It was this unique talent that caught Brian’s attention during her performance at a Nashville writer’s night on the evening they first met. According to the Fort Mill Times, Blake, a native of Tega Cay, played a successful show last year near her hometown in South Carolina.

The pair opted out of a traditional honeymoon and celebrated their marriage by taking a few weeks to write their first country music album together. Helluva Love Story combines country lyrics with the musical prowess and intimate connection of Brian and Blake. The track “Blindsided” kicks off the album with lyrics that resonate as autobiographical.

“You can see a hurricane from miles away / but love hits more like an earthquake.”

As far as how the house concert tour is going, the Sanford Herald notes unBRAKEable’s touring success. The Nashville-based duo is visiting 32 states during the Home Invasion Tour.

Blake Gray explained that, “We put out a feeler post up on Facebook and Twitter explaining what we’re thinking about doing to see if there was any interest. Within 24 hours, we had 70-something emails from cities all over the U.S., Canada and Australia.”

The country duo has generated a buzz over the past year by performing together at various smaller venues, including The Row in Nashville.


Almost a month into their tour, the couple still has a full roster of tour dates left.

As Blake states on their website, “We wanted to start our career by establishing a grass roots relationship with our fans. So we are doing over 100 acoustic house concerts in the first four months of 2015.”

Brian Nutter adds that the country music duo certainly has a bigger vision for their future together.

He explains, “We’ve begun talking to some people about a reality show that incorporates our music with our touring and our personal lives. We view this medium as an opportunity for our fans to really get to know us. We’ve already begun shooting some vignettes that you can find on our website or our You Tube channel.”