Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Might Become A Sex Assault Therapy Camp For Children

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, the $30 million California property the late singer purchased in 1988, might possibly become one of the world’s largest sex assault therapy camp for children. One of the bidders trying to acquire the 1214-hectare property is proposing to turn Jackson’s famous ranch into a rehabilitation center for molested children, according to a recent report by Page Six.

The report reveals that an unnamed businessman is offering “in the neighborhood of $40 million” for the property’s use. A source for Page Six states that the potential buyer aims to use Jackson’s ranch as a safe place for young victims of sexual assault trying to recover from their traumatic experiences.

“His goal is for the place to be used to help children in a serene setting recover from the trauma of sex abuse,” Page Six’s source said.

“The plan is to have children come there for treatment, and they will also hire trained therapists who would help the victims through the use of equine-assisted therapy, which works to improve the kids’ self-esteem, and it helps them to become more outgoing,” the insider added.

Michael Jackson’s career was mired with accusations of sexual molestation against children, some of whom were reportedly as young as 13-years-old when the assaults reportedly happened. The New York Daily News reported in 2013 that the “Thriller” singer allegedly spent around $35 million trying to conceal molestation cases against him. According to old trial documents, Michael Jackson brought many of his purported victims to his California property.

A year before his death, a debt-ridden Michael Jackson handed over the place to Colony Capital, a hedge fund which currently maintains 12.5 percent undivided stake in the property. The company says the ranch can sell as much as $75 million.

Today, Michael’s prized spot would almost be unrecognizable to people who first visited the property during its glory days in the 90s, when it still hosted a wide array of amusement centers and arcades. Today, the ranch “castle” is completely devoid of furniture while most of the outside amusement places have already gone.

Many potential buyers from different fields have shown interest in purchasing the ranch. In 2010, Michael Jackson’s children expressed interest in acquiring the famed property from its current holders, according to the Daily Mail. Pop singer Lady Gaga, a Jackson fan who has collected many of the singer’s career memorabilia, is also reportedly looking into investing in the property.

The California government also attempted to turn Michael Jackson’s ranch into a state park. However, due to the steep price tag on the late singer’s property, officials have abandoned plans to acquire the place.

[Image from Wikimedia]