Why is MC Hammer Suddenly All Over Social Media?

Here I thought MC Hammer was limited to VH1 reality-style shows these days — but apparently, the 90s rapper-turned-preacher is a rising star of social media. Am I the only one who’s perplexed?

First, Hammer popped up at this week’s Twitter-oriented “Shorty Awards,” and he didn’t go unnoticed, either. Listed as a “special appearance” and billed right under Shaq and CNN’s Rick Sanchez, Hammer ended up stealing a good bit of the spotlight from the highly covered event.

The guy’s got 60,000 followers on his Twitter account. And now, the Hammerman is popping up in a spoof video said to show the secrets behind Digg’s mysterious algorithms:

All right, so let me just ask: When did it become Hammertime again? And, for the love of Vanilla Ice, can we at least get some parachute pants on that guy if he’s going to be dancing all around the Web 2.0 world?