Leaked Case Design Furthers Rumors Of iPad Air Pro

The internet has been slammed with rumors of the iPad Air Pro for more than a month, with a variety of speculations about when the device might release and what it will include.

This weekend, the Daily Mail reported on a rumor from a French language blog, NoWhereElse, which received specs on a case for the iPad Air Pro from “a reliable source.”

iPad Air Pro Case

Looking at the case and comparing it to previous designs, sharp eyes see locations for four speakers, as well as available charging ports for an iPad Air device in both portrait and landscape mode. It also shows that the device would have a screen size somewhere between 12.2 and 12.9 inches on the diagonal.

Meanwhile, Gotta Be Mobile posted a list of the five features it would most like to see in the next generation of Apple’s iPad line.

First off is wireless charging. For those unfamiliar, wireless charging is something that hasn’t ever really caught on with mobile devices. It means that instead of tying you to the wall with a USB cable, you lay your device down on a charging mat, and the device charges. The reason this may not have caught on for tablets and smartphones, however, is that you can still use your device while it charges with a USB cable. With a charging mat, you just leave the device there and let it charge. Not necessarily ideal.

Next up, Gotta Be Mobile wishes for an optional stylus. Apparently, they disagree with Steve Jobs’ assertion that God already gave humans ten styluses, according to his biography.


Third, the site hopes to see storage options expand again with the iPad Air Pro. Right now, Apple offers a 128GB version though some fans are hoping to see 256GB. With more and more cloud options available, that much memory may be unnecessary for most users, although not everyone lives where WiFi or 4G connections are cheap or accessible.

Fourth, the writer of the article specifically hopes Apple will bring back the mute toggle switch.

Finally, Gotta Be Mobile hopes to see NFC technology come to the iPad Air Pro — not for Apple Pay, which would probably be unnecessary on a huge device, but to allow the iPad Air Pro to easily communicate to an iPhone with similar tech.

Do you think that Apple might launch an iPad Air Pro device this spring? What would you love to see on an iPad Air Pro?