More US citizens use Facebook than voted in last Presidential election and we wonder why government sucks

We all know that Facebook is a tad on the popular side but an interesting, and saddening, fact has emerge out of an announced partnership between the social network and Washington-base Politico as we head into a new presidential election cycle.

It turns out that there are more US citizens using Facebook than voted in the last presidential election that sent Barak Obama to the White House. This is the reasoning behind the partnership between Politcio and Facebook as they try and track voter sentiment during the 2012 presidential race.

Joel Kaplan, the vice president of U.S. Public Policy at Facebook had this to say regard the partnership:

This highly competitive primary season has demonstrated that technologies like Facebook enhance the connections and conversations that are happening every day between voters and the presidential candidates. Whether they are voting in early primaries, or just talking about the election, the candidates, and the issues with their friends and family, millions of Americans are actively engaged in the 2012 campaign. We’re pleased those conversations are happening on Facebook and that leading news sources like POLITICO are helping drive healthy discussion and debate.

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Politico has published the first findings of how the political candidates are fairing on Facebook

Politico Facebook findings

The fact that more people would rather play Farmville and share photos instead of becoming involved in the political process of electing a President is a sad state of affairs in my opinion.