TNA News: Former WWE World Champion Wins TNA World Title At ‘Impact’ Tapings — Major Spoiler

The wrestlers of Impact Wrestling have been in London, England, taping the next few months worth of shows, and there was a huge title change. During the tapings on January 31, a former WWE world champion stepped into the ring and won the TNA World Title away from Bobby Lashley so read on for full SPOILERS on the change.

Again, if you don’t want to be spoiled, then stop reading now.

PW Insider is reporting that Kurt Angle won the TNA World Championship over Bobby Lashley during the tapings for Impact.

Kurt Angle TNA World Title

The match was set up at the tapings that happened today for the March 13 show, and then the tapings for the March 20 show happened right after. All that is known, is that Kurt Angle has captured the TNA World Title from Bobby Lashley.

WrestleZone reported the full SPOILERS for the March 20 set of Impact tapings, and it was the main event of the day.

As both wrestlers are now babyfaces, the crowd appeared split at first but soon went in the favor of Kurt Angle. The match was said to be one that took place a lot on the mat and was rather technical, especially when Angle was in control.

Lashley tried to use more power moves to keep the match in his favor, but Angle was always able to persevere. There were many near falls and Lashley eventually went up to the top rope out of frustration, but missed hitting Angle on the way down.

Angle hit a big flying cross body, but Lashley actually rolled through it and locked in the ankle lock. After Kurt Angle made the ropes, he had yet another near fall to which Lashley responded with a cross arm bar.


Kurt Angle was able to reverse the submission hold and lock in the ankle lock all while keeping Bobby Lashley in the middle of the ring. After about two minutes, Lashley had no choice but to tap out and that made Kurt Angle the new TNA World Champion.

The Impact tapings in London have been said to be fantastic action, and the fans agree.

The “Maximum Impact Tour” of London has provided some fantastic action so far, and it has now brought about a brand new TNA World Champion. After trying to decide between signing with WWE or TNA, it looks like Kurt Angle made the right choice.

[Images via TNA Insider]