Are Joe And Melissa Gorga Afraid The Government Will Come After Them?

Joe and Melissa Gorga are supposedly worried that the U.S. government is going to come after them after learning about the sideways antics of Joe’s sister, Teresa, and her husband, Joe Giudice.

According to Radar Online, a source says that the thought has crossed the minds of the Gorgas on more than one occasion, mainly because Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice are in the same business (construction and development).

“The Gorgas are in the same business as the Giudices. So that’s really hitting close to home. There’s a fear: could the government come after them? Could the government be looking at them now and start digging into their books? That’s a scary thought,” said a source.

While Joe and Melissa Gorga probably haven’t done much “funny business” over the years, there is always a possibility that there is something along the way that could get them in trouble. Of course, watching someone close to you go through something so serious always makes you wonder if it could ever happen to you, even if there’s nothing to hide or be afraid of.

“Teresa’s fate hit Melissa very hard, and it’s a real eye opener. It puts things in perspective that material things are not as important. It really knocked her into reality a little bit more. Joe Gorga has just been quiet lately too. He’s not really out in anyone’s face and is just kind of chill. He has been low key, which is not normal for Joe because Joe is always trying to put on a show for everybody,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Joe and Melissa Gorga are on vacation with their family in St. Thomas, which doesn’t exactly ring true with the whole “lay low” story put out there by Radar. According to Reality Tea, the Real Housewives Of New Jersey stars took their three children to the Caribbean island for some fun in the sun this winter, less than one month after Teresa Giudice went to jail.

Naturally, the couple isn’t going to stop living their lives, regardless of what they might be afraid of.

As far as Melissa’s relationship with Teresa goes, things have definitely been better between the two over the past year. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Melissa and Joe have been very supportive of Teresa and Joe (Giudice) during the legal process and beyond. It’s unknown if the Gorga’s have any plans to visit Teresa in jail, or if they will be spending time with Teresa and Joe’s four daughters while Teresa is away, but it seems likely.

[Photo courtesy of Melissa Gorga / Instagram]