Kid Ink Laughs At Chris Brown Comment

Chris Brown is outspoken, there is no doubt about that. Brown has gone so far as to call his own fans ungrateful and a few other choice words. Now it seems that he’s met someone who could just be a match, Kid Ink.

Kid Ink is preparing to release his second album, Full Speed, on Tuesday, February 3. He collaborated with Brown on his latest musical endeavor for the hit, “Hotel,” which is doing very well.

When Kid Ink was speaking with Rob Markman of MTV News, he commented on how “confident” he is with this album.

He also commented on all the different kinds of singles featured on this latest album.

Kid Ink added, “At the end of the day, man, the fans want what they want. I don’t even have to push the records and they go, ‘I want this Chris Brown record.’ ‘Alright, I’m not gonna fight ya’ll, as long as ya’ll know that this I what you’re choosing [and] don’t put it back on me and say this is the only type of artist I am if ya’ll not helping me do something different.”

And people do want that Chris Brown record.

When a fan commented on Twitter on how “Chris Brown adds to artists’ careers by jumping on their songs,” the interviewer shared it with Kid Ink, according to Global Grind. And what was Kid Ink’s response to Chris Brown making his career?

Kid Ink literally laughed at the idea that Brown had made his career.

The 28-year-old California born rapper commented on his relationship with Brown, saying, “I definitely wrote the record. It’s funny to me when people say that, and I think it’s my job now to get across how much of the actual writing and production I’m putting towards these records. For me, in the beginning I don’t care about the publishing and all that extra stuff, I just want these records to sound hot. Now it’s getting to a point where you really want to get those credits… Yeah, Chris sung that hook, but he didn’t write the hook.”

Kid Ink went on to explain that “it’s his own writing landing him the hits.” And I think his fans would agree.

While Kid Ink and Chris Brown’s collaboration is a hit, please be sure to know that it’s because of Kid Ink’s work and not Chris Brown.

[Photo Courtesy of Sectioneighty]