‘The Walking Dead’ Makeup Artist In Rohto Eye Drops Commercial Shoot

A makeup artist for the popular AMC show The Walking Dead recently visited Rochester, New York, to help promote Rohto eye drops in a new commercial. As part of filming the commercial, he proceeded to turn a Rochester school teacher and a couple of actors into blood-thirsty corpses.

According to Martino Flynn, an advertising firm in Pittsford, the theory of the whole commercial idea is that if the Rohto eyedrops work well for zombies, they should, naturally, work well for everyone else.

The eyedrops are produced by the Mentholatum Co. in Orchard Park.

Said makeup artist, Mark Ross, 32, has worked on the popular show The Walking Dead for the past five years, and he certainly knows how to make someone look like a zombie.

The Democrat & Chronicle quotes Flynn as telling the media that the audience knows if you didn’t do it right.

“The audience knows if you didn’t do it right, if you cheaped out or just tried to pull it off.”

“They have to look like real zombies. That attention to detail is what sets it apart from really doing great stuff to just getting it done.”

The vice president of the Mentholatum Co., Jean Legros, was at the shoot. He mentioned that the firm’s targets include both males and females, between the ages of 18 to 34. He said how they always need to be aware of where the customer is and leverage their passion.

“We’ve got to be where millennials are.”

“What’s really growing and going really fast is digital media, so we need to be aware of where the customer is and leverage their passion, like trending shows such as ‘Walking Dead.’”

Based in Atlanta, make-up effects artist Ross was brought in to transform local actors as part of the commercial titled “Zombie Eyes,” developed by Flynn’s company for the Mentholatum Co.

The whole concept of the commercial is that a zombie character, with the use of the eye drops, becomes a “bright-eyed, cheery person ready to take on the day.”

Hence, the tagline quoted by Legros, “If it works for a zombie, it is going to work for me no matter what situation I’ve been through.”

In the meantime, as reported on the Inquisitr, fans of the popular AMC show The Walking Dead are waiting with baited breath for the series return on February 8 and wondering who on earth will be killed off next.

The show’s fifth season started in October last year and received over 17 million viewers. It is also, apparently, the most tweeted about show on Twitter, with Nielson reporting an average 576,000 tweets sent for each episode of The Walking Dead.

[Image: Main photo via Twitter, inset image screengrab from video]