Amazon Announces New Ebook Format For Kindle, More Elaborate

Amazon, the World’s largest e-commerce company, will be launching a new ebook format for their line of Kindle devices, dubbed KF8. The company originally announced the new format back in October when they also released the Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire has done tremendously well and continues to sell at a massive rate. The new KF8 ebook format will essentially give content creators more functionality and the ability to be more elaborate.


“Through the use of HTML5 and CSS3, KF8 allows publishers to create great-looking books in all categories, particularly those that require rich formatting and design, such as technical & engineering books and cookbooks,” Amazon announced. Other features are well suited to graphic novels, comics, and kids’ books, Amazon said.”

Traditionally, someone would type up whatever book it is they have, do some editing and add in various graphic elements, then convert it and upload. Now, content creators and authors can add much richer formatting and give more “oomph” to their works.

More and more consumers are switching over to the Kindle and more and more authors are publishing their books to it. The simplicity is what’s so enticing and why it continues to be a big money maker, not just for Amazon but also for self publishers who can expect 70% of all profit, something that you don’t get with a traditional publisher.

“In the coming months KF8 will be rolled out to our latest generation Kindle e-ink devices as well as our free Kindle reading apps,” Amazon said.

Soon, we’ll see books that appear more like a webpage than, well, a book.