‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Jim Parsons ‘Praying For Inspiration And Guidance’ To Play God On Broadway

Jim Parsons is right in the center of cosmic influence. In addition to starring on The Big Bang Theory as a physics genius, the Emmy-winning actor is set to return to Broadway in May as a figure some say is integral to the universe. He’ll play God.

“God” himself confirmed the news on Twitter.

“God” also gave a statement to Entertainment Weekly that described what the play will be about and why Parsons was selected to fill the deity’s ample shoes.

“[The play will be a] 90-minute conversation in which I will reveal the mysteries of the Bible and answer some of the greatest existential questions that plague mankind… I chose Jim to play Me because I relish the irony of telling the real story of the Six Days of Creation through the star of ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Plus, he’s funny. The theater was also chosen for ironic reasons, as Studio 54—up to this point—has been the single most God-less place in the universe. And as for our director, Joe Mantello, that was not ironic. I’ve been a fan of his since ‘Wicked!'”

The play, An Act of God, will be based on the book The Last Testament: A Memoir By God. The book was “transcribed” by former Daily Show with Jon Stewart writer David Javerbaum, who also “transcribes” those “tweets from God.”

Parsons revealed to his fans on Instagram that he’s looking above for assistance with the role. He captioned a photo of himself with hands clasped in prayer: “I am very excited to get the chance to play God on Broadway this summer at Studio 54 in a beautiful new play, ‘An Act of God,’ written by David Javerbaum and directed by the brilliant Joe Mantello. I am already praying for inspiration and guidance… @actofgodbway Come see it! We start in early May!”

Jim Parsons seeks assistance for new Broadway role. (Credit: Jim Parsons/Instagram)

Jim Parsons made his Broadway debut in The Normal Heart in 2011, and was also cast in a more recent production of Harvey. Last December he appeared in a benefit reading of Merton of the Movies. At that time, he revealed how the success of The Big Bang Theory has given him unexpected stability, since his initial goal when he got into acting was just to make a living.

Previews of An Act of God start May 5 and the show opens May 28.

[Jim Parsons images: Google/Instagram]