Deleted Scenes From ‘Big Hero 6’ Hit the Web Before Blu-Ray Release

On February 3, 2015, Big Hero 6 will release nationwide on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere, but anxious fans and curious consumers can get a sneak peek of the deleted scenes before the Blu-ray Combo Pack hits stores later in the month on February 24.

USA Today posted an exclusive, early look at an alternate opening for the film. The bonus clip is introduced by the huggable, inflatable character Baymax, who aptly advises viewers on what they are about to see.

“Science is a process of trial and error. The following video is an example of material that did not pass beta testing. Please enjoy and rate your satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10.”

In this alternate opening universe, protagonist Hiro Hamada and his brother, Tadashi, bond over tinkering with rocket boots and appending them to their house cat, Mochi. Perhaps, if the scene had stuck, the “Lucky Cat Café” would have been more appropriately named the “Flying Cat Café.” We thought it was a shame such a cute concept did not even make the cut as an end credits gag.

Courtesy of Disney Movies Anywhere, the next deleted scene is a storyboarded clip showing Hiro sneaking out of his bedroom to meet fellow hero, Fred. The obsessive comic book geek of the group, Fred attempts to use a grappling hook to scale Hiro’s home with a laughable lack of success. Batman this man is not (nor would he ever be, since Big Hero 6 is a Marvel gig and not DC, but we digress).


A behind-the-scenes exclusive posted by Comic Book Resources shows off a potential nemesis that did not get green lit for the feature. Instead of facing off against a man in a kabuki mask, the villain of this animated adventure could have been a giant, Cthulhu-esque portal monster. Though the filmmakers opted for a baddie with some humanity and a heart, the beast that got chopped looks like it could have offered up a visually entertaining battle sequence or two.

A Big Hero 6 sequel has not been announced, but of all the scenes revealed from the chopping block, we think this one has the most potential to be resurrected and included in a future production. Would you be on board for Hiro, Baymax and the gang to battle portal monsters in a sequel or future short film, particularly if said portal monsters are anything like the one featured in the above clip? Sound off in the comments below.