Sinead O’Connor Attempted Suicide 5 Days Ago

Troubled singer Sinead O’Connor has had a lot on her plate lately. She got married, divorced, reconciled and now we learn from an interview with the Sun, she tried to kill herself by overdosing on pills on January 5th. To make things even worse, after she recovered from the overdose she wanted to try again.

She tweeted some disturbing things a few nights ago to all her fans saying,

“Does any1 know a psychiatrist in Dublin or Wicklow who could urgently see me today please? Im really un-well….and in danger.”

Apparently her fans responded because in the interview today she claimed that she found a psychiatrist and is now on medication for her depression.

She told the Sun,

“God obviously wants me around — though I can’t think why.”

Apparently this is all stemming from her marriage to Barry Herridge. The couple wed in December and announced they were splitting up less than two weeks later. At the time, O’Connor blamed the media and his family for the split. The couple announced they had decided to stay together a couple of weeks ago.

There is speculation that that the reason for the split was that Herridge, who by profession is a Drug Abuse Counselor was not in the mind frame to be with O’Connor who is a notorious party girl. On their wedding night O’Connor took Herridge on a journey through Las Vegas to find some weed, but instead settled with buying crack.

Do you think Sinead O’Connor and Barry Herridge should still be together?