Burger King Gets Salty About McDonald’s Appointing New CEO

Burger King is feeling a little heat from McDonald’s dumped CEO. Just one day after McDonald’s announced that CEO Don Thompson was stepping down from his position after a rough year with the fast food-chain, Burger King clapped back at the failing company. Maybe BK is feeling a little “salty” after McDonald’s stock jumped up after the recent announcement.

Burger King released a sassy little tweet on its Twitter account on Thursday, Jan. 29. The tweet featured a photo of a burger with the caption, “Dear Don, you can have it flame-grilled.” Burger King also included the tweet, “We always welcome everyone.”

It looks like Burger King is coming after McDonald’s former CEO. It’s been rumored that the fast-food chain is willing to offer Thompson a new position as CEO, but it looks like Burger King is doing just fine with its own CEO.

This isn’t the first time that the fast-food chain has hit back at its rival, according to Marketing Interactive. Burger King has always been about having a good time on social media when it comes to it global franchises.

McDonald’s Singapore chain found itself in hot water after launching the Satay Burger. The new burger was met with some heavy criticism from its customers. Burger King responded by creating its own improved Satay Burger, based on the harsh reviews of McDonald’s burger.

Burger King then launched a campaign with ads that said, “Real Satay Burger.” The chain also claimed that its burger has “real chicken,” “real beef,” and “real Satay sauce.” Take that, Mickey D’s.


The Norwegian franchise of Burger King is just as sassy. Last year, it gave out free Big Macs to find its “true” fans. This campaign came on the heels after fans were writing negative comments on the Burger King Norway Facebook page. Burger King then decided to create a Facebook fan page for its loyal fans. You had to be a true fan who opted to take a free burger. Burger King was applauded for thinking outside of the marketing box.

Burger King has a lot to smile about these days. Its merger with Tim Hortons is almost complete, according to a recent report on the Inquisitr. This merger bodes bad news for Tim Hortons’ employees. The company cut 15 percent, or 350 positions, from its home office and other non-store positions in efforts to streamline its business and start a global push. The cuts are said to be complete. Alexandra Cygal, a spokesperson for Tim Hortons, said it would affect 2,300 positions at its headquarters, regional offices, and non-store facilities. Decisions were not easy, but were necessary, according to the report.

[Image: Andy Nystrom]