Hilarious Fan Made Doritos Ad Gains National Attention [Video]

John Ramsey, Jack Dreesen and David Ward of Austin, Texas love Doritos, so much so that the team entered the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest with what may possibly be one of the funniest Dorito’s commercials to do.

Using the idea of a Food Network style cooking show users are quick to learn that Doritos original flavor require the use of Unicorn Tears which apparently requires finding a unicorn and making it cry.

Throw in a list of other random ingredients and what your left with might surprised you.

I don’t want to ruin the commercial so here it is for your viewing pleasure:

According to Ramsey the idea for the commercial sprang to mind after he caught a local access craft show. Throw in a “Bob Ross” type showing you how to make the Doritos and you have a hit.

According to Ramsey the first draft felt “a little soft.”

“After thinking about it, we came up with the ‘making gold ending,’” says Dreesen. “That being a logical conclusion to what would happen when you’re doing alchemy.”

I’m just glad I’m not as big a fan of Doritos Cool Ranch based on the “secret” ingredient.

Did you take a quick viewing of the fan made Doritos commercial? Leave us your comments with your first reaction.