‘Parenthood’ Fans: Is A ‘Boyhood’ Movie On The Way?

Is a Parenthood movie on the way? It hasn’t been a full 24 hours since we’ve said goodbye to the Braverman family. In fact, we’re still dabbing our eyes into our tissues from last night’s series finale.

The entire run of Parenthood felt like such a quick journey. We could use more of that future we got a glimpse of in the last five minutes of the show. Could we possibly get more of just a glimpse of how the Parenthood clan moves on? The answer may surprise you.

According to E!, they spoke with creator Jason Katims to see what a Parenthood reunion might look like, and the future looks bright.

“I totally would do a reunion. Look, I’ve been down this road with Friday Night Lights. We did make an effort to find a way to keep that going, and ultimately, it just wasn’t going to work. But with Parenthood, I think there is something really intriguing with it. Because I want to know where this family is in three years or five years. I want to see what Max is like in his first job. I want to see where these people are down the road. But a million things have to come together in terms of getting all of these people available at the same time. And what’s the right context of it all.”

We may catch up with the Parenthood clan in the form of a movie that mimics Boyhood.

“I love the idea of doing a reunion movie like Boyhood, where every year, everybody commits a week to doing this project. Maybe it’s not that crazy to think that we could pull something like that off. When the time comes, I’ll start picking up the phone and calling these people.”

So what does this mean? Do we have to wait 12 years for this movie to happen? A few months ago we would have questioned the legitimacy of this happening, but since Boyhood hit theaters and took Oscar season by storm, this sounds kind of promising? Maybe we’re just reaching here?

As expected, fans of Parenthood are on board for some type of reunion after last night’s tear jerker.

@ENews: Yes, Please! Jason Katims Wants to Do a Parenthood Movie in the Format of Boyhood http://t.co/RPus0HVwkM” yes please!!!

— Alicia Lee (@alicialee517) January 30, 2015

@nbcparenthood: You may have just aired #ParenthoodFarewell, but I’m ready for #ParenthoodReunion now. “May God bless and keep you always.”