70 fresh blogs for your Feed Reader c/- FriendFeed

One of the key features of FriendFeed I love is the focus on sharing great content, no matter where it comes from. Where as Twitter was a great networking tool for meeting new people, FriendFeed has become a networking tool for content, and its system of liking content highlights the best of it. It may not be the perfect level playing field, but it far more egalitarian in its distribution of content then say Techmeme, meaning A-List content isn’t the driving force.

For all of FriendFeed’s positives, I haven’t abandoned using a Feed Reader. FriendFeed is my first morning tab, followed by Google Reader. I still like reading blogs in a feed reader, unfiltered, and although FriendFeed does a great job in highlighting great content, it doesn’t always catch all of it. FriendFeed has become a source of new feeds for my Google Reader account, but adding everyone’s feed isn’t always practical, although I have been adding feeds as I go along. An easier way would be to get a list of some of the great people on FriendFeed to add to Google Reader, so I did just that.

The FriendFeed entry here lists about 70 fresh blogs, most of which I hadn’t previously subscribed to, even when I had been liking a lot of the content via FriendFeed. But adding them individually is time consuming; I did, but if you’d like to add 70 interesting, fresh new blogs to you feed reader, download this:


It’s an OPML XML list that can easily be imported into Google Reader, Bloglines, and most smart feedreaders that support OPML.

I extracted this from Google Reader so I may have missed a few blogs that I knew I had already subscribed to (so apologies to anyone I missed out). Two blogs not in the file you might like to add: Louis Gray (RSS) and Chris Pirillo (RSS). Of course if you haven’t subscribed to The Inquisitr yet, we always appreciate your support. Shortcuts in the side bar, of you can grab the full feed here, or just the tech stories here.