Brad Culpepper: Disabled Ex-NFL Player Sued For Allegedly ‘Faking’ Injuries After Going On ‘Survivor’

Brad Culpepper is being sued after going on Survivor despite collecting disability money.

According to NewsMax, the former NFL player is being accused of faking his football injuries to receive compensation. Since getting the insurance money, Culpepper has been quite active in his life, doing activities such as kickboxing/martial arts. Being a contestant on Survivor suggested that he may not actually be disabled, and now the insurance company wants their money back.

“Culpepper, who earned a law degree after his playing days with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, received a $175,000 settlement from insurance company Fairmont Premier four years ago after claiming he was 89 percent disabled,” reports NewsMax.

Brad Culpepper was on Survivor in 2013. According to NewsOXY, Culpepper did some strenuous activities such as stacking large crates and swimming. These activities contradict Culpepper’s claims, and the insurance company feels that he may have exaggerated his injuries in order to receive compensation. The company has now filed court documents in an effort to prove that Culpepper isn’t really disabled.

“He said he can’t do recreational activities. He’s limited in what he can do, he has pains every day of the year. And now he’s living on a desert island and he’s swimming and killing fish with his hands and eating bamboo, so that’s going to upset the insurer,” explained attorney Christopher Fusco, who is representing the insurance company (via NewsMax).

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Culpepper has responded to the lawsuit, saying that he was still in pain while performing these various tasks on the show. Perhaps standing up for disabled people all around the world, there seems to be some discussion about being able to participate in a “normal life” while living with a disability.

“I was on pain medication, and I had a back procedure right before that. Just because I chose to do things that are contra [sic] to my body, doesn’t mean I’m not in pain, and doesn’t mean I’m not impaired. This whole lawsuit is ludicrous. I’ve worked too hard in my life to have this as a headline.”

Brad Culpepper obviously pushes himself and feels that he still wants to live an active lifestyle, even if that doesn’t always come easy for him. However, the insurance company is questioning their decision to offer him a payout. Do you think Culpepper faked his injuries? Do you think the insurance company is doing the right thing in this case?

[Photo courtesy of The Tampa Tribune]