June 17, 2013
Microsoft to open retail stores [Bad Ideas]

The one thing that you've always been able to say about Apple is that the retail experience is one of the major cornerstones of its business and like everything else it does it very well. The word is that Microsoft; for whatever reasons, is headed down, once more, that retail store road. Unlike Apple though, I sincerely doubt that Microsoft will be able to pull off the same kind of style or retail experience that Apple does.

This seems to be Mary Jo Foley's feeling on the idea as well

I have to admit I'm doubtful Microsoft is going to be able to pull off anything as sleek and hip as Apple has with its retail stores. And launching stores in major retail areas is an expensive proposition. But I'll try and keep an open mind. Who knows: Maybe the Redmondians will find a way to one-up the Apple store, minus the attitude….

From what she also said in her post the idea behind the move to retail is to be able to properly showcase Windows 7, Windows Mobile and Windows Live. Microsoft has hired David Porter to head the retail stores division and while he starts his new job in the middle of February there is no word as to when any stores will actually open.

Okay, now you can start up the joke line down the aisle over there but at least try and be original – unlike this idea.