James Middleton Dishes On Being Kate’s Brother: ‘It Does Get Frustrating’

He’s as gorgeous as his sibling counterpart. At 27-years-old, James Middleton would probably turn a lot of heads himself. But being that he is the younger brother of 33-year-old Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, he definitely is not the superstar of the family.

James opened up to the Young Director (TYD), a new lifestyle digital magazine, about what it’s like being known as the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sibling instead of a serious businessman.

“Yes, it does get frustrating. I work incredibly hard, just like every other person. And aside from the fact — yes, I am the brother of someone very important — I am, at the end of the day, just James.”

Some would argue that “Just James” is a pretty innovative guy. He co-founded a company called Boomf that allows Instagram users to have their pictures printed on marshmallows. Prior to that, he tells TYD he “used the stepping stones within the family business,” Carole and James Middleton’s Party Pieces, to start his first venture, The Cake Kit Company. He is very proud of the fact that he’s only ever been employed by himself.

Life has not been easy for James. He dropped out of the University of Edinburgh prior to getting his degree for a couple reasons. One is that he really wanted to work on his own business. The other is that he has dyslexia, and it has been a big challenge to succeed academically throughout his life.

“I was not confident in the pursuit of me getting a degree,” he says honestly. He is quick to add, however, that he does not think dyslexia has held him back in life. To the contrary, it’s caused him to overcome obstacles and be an innovative person, which is important for an entrepreneur.

“I usually joke that it’s like a Superpower, you only have it if you’ve got it. For one, it makes you unique, and two, your brain just works differently; you will get to the answer of a solution but just in a different—maybe unconventional way.”

James is clearly a self-made man and not one to ride on anyone’s coattails, even if they are royal. He is frequently in touch with all of his family, though, and does make them a priority in his life. The Royal family, including Pippa and James, are currently in Mustique with Kate, William, and George to celebrate their mother’s 60th birthday.

[Photo by TYD]