Chris Brown Calls His Own Fans ‘Ungrateful’ After Postponing Tour

Chris Brown isn’t having the best couple of weeks. After the recent nightclub shooting and the revocation of his probation, the R&B singer is having to complete his court-ordered community service before he will continue touring. This has angered more than just his own fans, but fans of performers that are supposed to be touring with him. Therefore, numerous people have complained about the delays. That’s what led Brown to complain about his own fans, according to a report on The Times of India.

When Brown was addressed by fans on Instagram about the delay in his tour, things went from positive to negative rather quickly. When a user posted two comments questioning what Brown did with all the time he had to complete his community service, the Loyal singer finally responded, but not at all in a way that paints his fans in a positive light.

“Making music, jail and trying to please you ungrateful b***ha** n***as.”

This comes after it was revealed that the tour would be postponed until he completes 100 hours of community service. Perez Hilton reported that he’s failed to complete the 1,000 hours he was ordered to complete, but is delaying his tour so he could get the final 100 finished before his upcoming court date. Hilton personally expressed difficulty in sympathizing with Chris Brown when his legal troubles are so similar to Linday Lohan’s.

Chris himself addressed his own apology to fans regarding the delay in his tour, which has been shared all over social media. The singer stated that everything happens for a reason, and that he’s going to work hard to to meet his obligation so he can continue his tour.

Chris Brown’s fans will undoubtedly forgive him for delaying his tour. After all, he can’t perform if he’s in jail, so he needs to finish his community service. However, will his fans forgive him for calling them ungrateful? His fans, who call themselves “Team Breezy” have weathered a lot of storms on social media and have supported him through every controversy that has surrounded him, including his violent assault on former girlfriend Rihanna. However, he’s never publicly shamed his own fans before.

Chris Brown isn’t the first entertainer to call his fans ungrateful or to otherwise be ungracious with fans. Rocker Tommy Lee reportedly said (of his fans) that he doesn’t owe them anything. Christian Bale also once allegedly made a group of girls cry after lecturing them while refusing to sign his autograph.

[Photo credit: BET]