OnLive Cloud Gaming Coming To Google TV’s

OnLive, a relatively new company that streams games over the Internet to TV’s, PC’s, as well as tablets, is also going to be streaming to Google TV’s this year. The company offers an affordable monthly subscription with access to an ever expanding line of games.

What’s great about the service as well is that it’s not the games that you may recall where you plug a device into your TV and play these pretty crappy, low quality 8 bit games. We’re talking console quality games.

Granted, you need to have a good high speed Internet connection, but reviews have been good overall.


“As we do with most new platforms, OnLive is starting out with a Viewer on Google TV, so for now, you can just watch and use OnLive social features. But hang in there, OnLive is working closely with Google to enable full gameplay with OnLive gamers from around the world on Google TV. And more Google TV devices are coming, with OnLive built right in.”

With better hardware coming to televisions and Google TV’s that are soon to be on the market with dual core chips and good graphics chips built-in, we’ll potentially see televisions become more of a gaming device than just a device to watch your favorite shows or movies.

As far as when the gaming feature will launch on Google TV’s, there’s no specific launch date as of yet. OnLive’s PlayBack Bundle allows you to play 100+ games with unlimited access for just $9.99 a month. Users can also purchase games separately that are not part of the bundle.