‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers: Big Reveals Come In Winter Premiere

How to Get Away With Murder returns with new episodes on ABC Thursday night and fans cannot wait to dive in to the action. The fall finale showed fans how Sam died, but there’s plenty more in store as the remaining six episodes of Season 1 air. What HTGAWM spoilers are available for the January 29 show?

As TV Guide shares, Annalise will be trying to ensure that Wes, McKayla, Laurel and Connor don’t end up locked up for their part in Sam’s murder. There’s going to be a lot of scrambling to keep everybody on the same page, and previews for Thursday’s episode show that some of the students are already about to crack.

How to Get Away With Murder spoilers indicate that viewers will quickly find out exactly what Annalise’s involvement in Sam’s murder was. Everybody will also see just what she said to Wes and why she is anxious to help them. Viewers will get some insight into her mindset and see her reaction to seeing Sam’s dead body. It seems that all of those things will play out very quickly in Thursday’s episode.

The Season 1, Episode 10 show, titled “Hello Raskolnikov,” picks up on the same day as where the fall finale left off. Annalise will file a missing persons report on her husband and the police are looking to talk to Connor, Laurel, Wes and McKayla. HTGAWM spoiler previews show that they’re definitely feeling jittery and having a hard time keeping things under control. It seems that at least one secret will come out from one of them in this episode.

Asher wasn’t in the mix of things that night, but he still knows enough to hurt the group should he say too much to the police. The Keating 4 will be scrambling to keep their secrets away from him so they don’t get busted.

As for Lila’s murder, viewers will have answers regarding just who killed her by the end of Season 1. It won’t take those full six episodes, however, to find out who the father of her baby was. Apparently the answer regarding the baby’s paternity won’t be a simple matter, just as nothing ever is on this show.

Marcia Gay Harden is joining the show in the character of Hannah, though little else is known about Harden’s role. It is said that she will go toe-to-toe with Annalise and really shake things up, but beyond that further details remain under wraps.

Showrunner Pete Nowalk teases How to Get Away With Murder spoilers via TVLine that one of the Keating 4 will spill the group’s secret to someone outside the group in Thursday’s show. In fact, apparently it won’t be the person that most would expect. The show’s Facebook page teases that the group will talk about what to do if one confesses to the cops, and it seems that by the end of the show viewers will see how they will move forward and why they’ll stick together.

From the sounds of things, fans will definitely be on the edges of their seats throughout Thursday’s winter premiere. Only a handful of episodes remain in Season 1 and it sounds as if it’s going to be a wild ride. How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursday nights on ABC.

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