Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson: ‘More Than Football, I Want To Be Known As A Christian’

To Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson, faith is everything. At the Super Bowl Media day on Tuesday, Russell, 26, says that while he wants to be known as a great football player, he desires to be known as a good man of Christian faith even more. He said he wishes to leave a legacy as a man who served others.

“In terms of my legacy off the field, I want to be a Christian man that helps lead and helps change lives and helps serve other people. It’s not about me, you know. It’s not about me and it’s about just helping other people. So that’s kind of where I keep my focus.”

Wilson is not the only NFL player to publicly state his Christian faith loud and clear. Tim Tebow was known to frequently kneel and pray on the field, a gesture that brought about admiration from many fans, and contempt from others.

Wilson is not just words, but deeds as well. Each and every Tuesday, you will find the gridder at the children’s’ Hospital in Seattle, where he visits sick and injured children. He even had a special message for them.

“To all the kids out there, I’m just praying for you guys, and praying for miracles.”

A 12-year-old asked Wilson how to go about becoming a great quarterback. Instead of focusing on the game of football, Wilson broadened what he felt it took besides gifted hands — he gave the child advice that he received from his own father.

“Have a great purpose in life, have great perspective and always persevere.”

There’s little doubt he’s made quite an impact on children and will have many fans rooting for him on Sunday. While he loves football, he is very comfortable talking about things of even greater importance.

“In terms of my faith, my faith is everything: God comes first, family and friends come second, and football comes third. I think when you keep it in that order, great things happen to you. You don’t stress out about much. We all make mistakes or whatever, but we’re football players. We’re able to use our gifts. For me, I’m able to use my gift to glorify God. That’s what it’s about for me.”

Wilson is known to publicly tweet about his faith in God and share Bible verses that are special to him.

Wilson’s message and statements aren’t much different from Tim Tebow’s, yet he appears to get a much better response.

Readers, do you have any insight as to why he is not ridiculed for his outward Christian faith the way that Tebow sometimes was?