‘GTA V Online’ Update: Exotic Vehicles And Locales Leaked, Even A Yacht?

Gamers have something new to be very excited about — the planned GTA V Online “Heist” DLC has some new features. According to DomisLive, a YouTube user, there will be plenty of new stuff in the upcoming DLC to keep things fresh, much to the surprise of all players out there.

DomisLive didn’t just get all the information himself. He credited funmw2, a famous leakster, for the added info he received. The leaked game codes for the “Yacht” DLC that funmw2 obtained actually showed what other vehicles will be included, according to Christian Today.

All the “Yacht” DLC details leaked was compiled into a video that Dom made. The video expose shows the vehicles that are included in the DLC, including the heli-carrier, sm-boat, and CJ’s IOA boat. However, Dom shared that the aircraft carrier wasn’t working during the test game.

Aside from the “top priority vehicles” revealed, IBT said that the video highlight displays the yacht perfectly. Adding to the effect is Dom’s example of the gameplay that shows how having a yacht could really be of great benefit to every player playing GTA V Online.

It looks like it’s going to be an exciting day when the additions come out on the update. They include the rare vehicles the Snow Car, the UFO, the Xero Blimp, and the Space Docker.

As far as financial advice in the game, Dom also gave tips on how to purchase these rare vehicles. He gave the links for special missions on the different consoles. Gamers must first be able to complete the special missions to gain access to the exotic, previously unattainable vehicles.

However, the “leaked” information seems to have a dubious reaction on YouTube for many gamers. They say the yacht isn’t new nor is it in a new location. The user “SirTorquoise disputes this is a recent addition.

“This Yacht wasn’t recently put in game.. It’s the same Yacht as when you go as Michael with his Son to “rescue” Michaels daughter..Thumb this up so people don’t get fooled :/. It’s also in the same location as when you do the mission.”

“Thumbing up” the comment means that it will be placed at the top of comments so that viewers will see it immediately. Other commenters agreed while a few held out hope the leaks are true.

According to the International Business Times, Dom has placed the “Casino Heists” to either be located in San Francisco or Las Vegas. The proposed location would expand the map coverage of the game, which would be something extra for players.

Dom also shared two links for every console. The first one is for the mission to access the Space Docker and Tow Trucks. The other link is to access the UFOs, the Xero Blimp, and the Atomic Blimp.

Gamers, what do you think — true info or a bunch of bunk?

[Photo Courtesy of ChristianToday]